Enhancing the Appeal of Lakes, Ponds, and Water Features

The Value of Lakes and Water Features

Lakes, ponds, and water features bring an aesthetic value to our lives and can increase the value of our property. Properly maintained, a water feature will enrich the lives of those that experience it, provide for a tranquil break from an otherwise bustling day and enhance the property on which it resides.

Issues that Affect Water Quality

There are many things and issues that can adversely a water feature and diminish it’s aesthetic and commercial value. During the winter months, the natural processes that break down contaminants such as leaves, algae, bird waste, and others slows down and cannot keep up with the onslaught of these things entering the body of water. In addition, rainfall brings nitrogen and the runoff brings fertilizers into the water. All of these serves to upset the pH balance (relative acidity/ alkalinity) of the water, having a negative effect on the ability of the microorganisms present in the water to break down these contaminants.

Maintenance of Water Features, Lakes, and Ponds

To control the deleterious effects of these contaminants, one should begin treatment of the pond or water features in the late Winter and Spring, so that by the time summer comes around, the balance of the water is ensured and the aesthetic properties of the water feature are at their best.

In the summer, the added heat and sunlight contribute to the growth of unsightly aquatic weeds and algae. Not only do these affect the beauty of the water itself, they cause irritating odors that also detract from the beauty and aesthetics of the water feature.

In order to mitigate this growth and maximize the beauty of the feature, an aggressive treatment plan must be implemented during late winter or spring so that the maintenance program is well in place by the time summer comes around. This plan must include:

  1. removal or filtering of organic matter
  2. chemical treatment to adjust the pH of the water
  3. adding dyes to decrease the depth of sunlight penetration
  4. circulation of the water to increase the amount of oxygen in the water and even out it’s distribution. It may also be necessary to dredge the lake or pond to deepen it, install mechanical filters and pumps and control urban runoff coming into the water feature.


In order to properly treat a lake, pond, or water feature, it is important to consult and contract with a company that specializes in maintaining these and has the experience to properly do so. There are many things to consider, such as size of the feature, volume of water in the pond or lake, proper pumps and filters for the specific feature, working knowledge of pH, chemicals and oxygen balance, and many more considerations.

Given the initial cost of constructing the feature, this is not a job to be left to less experienced companies. Diversified Waterscapes has been specializing in this filed for well over 30 years. We continually strive to improve our knowledge and methods, keeping up with the latest in industry innovations and scientific research. Our goal is to exceed our customers expectations, every time. We invite you to call.

Posted on April 16, 2014 and filed under Aquatic Maintenance, Water Feature, Lake Maintenance, Pond Maintenance.