Lake Dye: Are You Spending More Green ($) For Less Blue

By Patrick Simmsgeiger, Founder of DWI

For every problem there should be a simple solution. Diversified Waterscapes has developed a highly effective line of aquatic management solutions that are ecologically safe, affordable and easy to use. For problems caused by too much sunlight, which leads to unattractive water color, the solution is Formula F-40 Enviro-Blue.

F-40 Enviro-Blue is a lake dye that acts as a water shading and coloring agent that will screen U.V. rays while restoring discolored water to a natural ocean blue look.  This water-dying product is environmentally safe and non-toxic. F-40 Enviro-Blue contains U.V. blockers that screen out excess sunlight to rid water of that dirty, stagnate, off-color appearance and restores water features to maintain the appeal of a naturally beautiful environment.

Although each problem should have a simple solution, simplicity becomes convoluted by the overwhelming array of products on the market. It’s easy to become distracted and even misguided by marketing tactics or misleading product labeling. There are a significant number of lake dye products on the market. Of those there are a few that promote their product’s Environmental Protection Agency certification. Lake dye products are non-toxic. They do not have long-term effects. Further, they are biodegradable. The dye used in lake products is the same grade as food dye, and it is not harmful. EPA certification is not required for lake dye products. In fact, the ingredients contained within the EPA certified products match those of other brands on the market that do not boast this unnecessary certification.

Producers of lake dye products are not obligated to obtain EPA certification for their products. However some companies use this as a marketing tactic to imply that their product is more effective. The truth is, when searching for a quality lake dye product, you’re better off looking at “pure dye content.” Though frequently packaged by the gallon, when you’re buying lake dye you are not purchasing a gallon of actual dye; instead, you’re buying powdered pigment that has been diluted and is usually sold in gallon containers. If you’re wondering why you have to use so much of the product to maintain your desired ocean blue look and feel or why you have to use the product so frequently, you have likely selected a brand that is not sufficiently concentrated.

Formula F-40 Enviro-Blue lake dye is designed especially for use in reservoirs, lakes, ponds, streams, water hazards, aquariums, fountains, industrial ponds, fresh water and salt water bays. It is long-lasting, non-toxic, and will not discolor fish, animals or plant life. Due to its high concentration and solubility, F-40 Enviro-Blue begins demonstrating results within minutes, and will last for several weeks.

When selecting a lake dye to restore the color and clarity of your water features, make note of the products you are comparing prior to your final decision. You don’t want your purchase decision to be dictated by marketing tactics or fooled by the unnecessary EPA claims. If you pay attention to those claims or fall for the marketing tactics, it could end up costing you more time and more money for less blue.

Posted on April 16, 2014 and filed under Lake Maintenance.