Spring Cleaning Isn’t Just for Your Garage

By Patrick Simmsgeiger, Founder of DWI

Sun glistening off a lake is a simple Summer pleasure we take for granted. Summer is the most beautiful season to enjoy a pond, lake, or water feature. This pleasure, however, requires maintenance – throughout the year – to preserve the appearance and function of lakes, by making sure they reach Equilibrium.

Equilibrium ensures balance in the water, keeping lakes maintained and functioning. Equilibrium is achieved when water is balanced; this occurs where natural decomposition is balanced with the amount of chemicals and organic materials entering the water. It is important to professionally maintain water features because the balance of any water feature can change over time and reduce the effectiveness of beneficial organisms - compromising the health of the water features.

Winter Contamination

The equilibrium and summertime beauty of a pond, lake, or any water feature can be seriously threatened by problems that develop months in advance, during the winter! Problems that occur during winter months are:

  • Biodegradation slows during the winter.
  • Rainfall can change the chemical balance of the water feature(s).
  • Increased debris from trees enter the water.
  • Runoff caused by rainfalls move fertilizers and debris in to the water.
  • Water lacks circulation and holds more suspended material.

Biodegradation occurs when organisms in the water break down the leaves, bird waste, and dead fish – biodegradation helps to keep the waters balanced, but this process slows in the winter. The combination of decreased biodegradation and increased debris entering the water and a lack circulation during the winter can lead to substantial problems in the summer.

Spring Renovation

Spring is the crucial time to ensure winter occurrences do not compromise the appeal of your lake in the summer. Neglecting lakes during the winter and spring can result in serious problems during the summer. Similar to the spring-cleaning we do in our homes, spring renovation for lakes is vital to bring the body of water to equilibrium.

A program of clarification, proper water circulation and sunlight can correct winter contamination. The goal is to reduce organic matter suspended in the water, adjust the balance of water to be favorable to chemical break down, and improve the oxygen content.

Every pond, lake, or water feature requires professional maintenance to sustain or restore its essential beauty. In addition to the simplicity of their elegance, lakes are for our recreational enjoyment, they add to our property values and provide simple summer pleasure. Ponds, lakes, and water features are worth the investment of maintenance by knowledgeable professionals, to reach and sustain equilibrium.

Posted on April 16, 2014 and filed under Aquatic Maintenance, Lake Maintenance, Pond Maintenance, Water Feature.