Summer Heat and Aquatic Environments

By Patrick Simmsgeiger, Founder of DWI

Heat and its Effects

Summer heat can play havoc with water systems in smaller private properties and larger scale HOA’s. Everything that has gone into the water feature during the winter months; leaves, rain water, runoff from neighboring yards (carrying fertilizers, soap from washing cars, and debris) will affect the water once the heat of summertime hits. Not to mention the bird waste and decomposition of fish that have died.

What Will Happen

When the heat hits the decomposition (of all the debris and runoff I just mentioned) that was slow during the cooler months kicks into high gear and starts the oxygen level and changing the chemical balance of the water. This environment is perfect for all sorts of nuisance weeds, algae, and bugs to grow and multiply at an alarming rate. Subsequently your beautiful water feature will end up with a rapid growth of all types of aquatic weeds, algae displaying itself as green unappealing water, and, on some occasions will be accompanied by a disgusting odor and midge flies (those pesky little things everyone thinks are mosquitoes).

What Action to Take

In the best case scenario you’ll want your properties to take a pro-active stance during the cooler months when the water’s surface may look good but underneath that surface all the ingredients are “gathering to make for a big show” when summer comes around.

  • Ensure your properties’ water features have good, properly operating and maintained aeration, circulation, pump, and filtration systems all year round. Everyone will be happier with the way the HOA water feature looks when the sun does being to beat down on it.
  • During the cooler months it’s also a good idea to treat the water with products made specifically for aquatic environments.
  • Making sure your waterscape vendor is getting a handle on things prior to the heat of summer will prevent a myriad of problems as neglecting a water feature during cooler seasons can result in serious and/ or unsightly problems in the summer.
  • When those hot summer months and/ or lack of proper care do strike you can count on your waterscape professional to take a very aggressive approach. The aquatic professional will have the tools at hand to treat the rapid growth of algae and aquatic weeds and those pesky midge flies. The end result being an aquatic environment that is aesthetically pleasing to all.

Bottom Line

Care for the water feature year round and it will provide you with years and years of enjoyment.

Posted on April 16, 2014 and filed under Aquatic Maintenance, Water Feature.