Z-21 Septic & Mound

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Z-21 gallon small.jpg
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Z-21 Septic & Mound


·         Minimizes odor and system clogs

·         Up to 64 gallons of usable product per gallon of product

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Z-21 Septic & Mound Gallon
Diversified Waterscapes

Z-21 Septic & Mound



Safe Around Humans, Plants and Animals

Does not simply push grease and grime around on a surface but actuallydissolvesgrease and grime leaving aresidue-free finish with no chemical buildup.

Achieves this by paring high-performance surfactant technology with our broad based enzyme package.  This combination lifts surface and embedded soils and begins breaking them down at the molecular level.  Grease simply cannot reform.

 Used regularly, stops excess buildup.  Over time this minimizes the cleaning task and provides a healthier work environment.

 ·         Tough on commercial grime

·         Safe for equipment

·         Safe for drain lines

·         Chemical free

·         Phosphate free

·         Solvent free

·         Non-corrosive

·         Non-abrasive