Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Is F-20 Enviro Clear safe to use with fish that will be eaten later? 

A: Yes


Q: Can you use F-20 in a pool?

A: USING F-20 IN A POOL  F-20 is not recommended to use in a pool environment, F-20 clumps together debris but to do so you need a turbulent effect on the water and in a stagnant pool you will probably not get the results you are looking for.  Also it has not been tested in a pool so there is no indication as to what it would do in t hat size of environment or to the pool filters.


Q: Can you use F-30, F-55 and F-50 together and apply all in the same day?

A: Yes because they are all complimentary products.


Q.Can Formula F-30 Algae Control be used in ponds containing fish and aquatic plants?

A. Yes. When used as directed on the label, Formula F-30 Algae Control will not effect most common fresh water and tropical fish or ornamental aquatic plants.


Q. Are there any precautions in the use of Formula F-30 Algae Control?

A. Treatment of algae can result in oxygen loss from decomposition of dead algae. This loss can cause fish suffocation. Therefore, to minimize this hazard, treat 1/3 to ½ of the water area in a single operation and wait at least 10 to 14 days between treatments. Begin treatment along the shore and proceed outwards in bands to allow the fish time to move into untreated areas.


Q. How long will control last?

A. Many week species can be controlled for an entire season with a properly limed, single treatment. Herbicides do not kill seeds, and some do not get into root systems. This can result in a re-growth of plants requiring touch-up later in the season. Algae will generally require treatment 3 to 6 weeks apart during the season because of their ability to reproduce rapidly.


Q. What happens to the chemical when F-30 is put into the water?

A. Formula F-30 Algae Control does not remain in the water in its original state for extended periods of time. Chemical and biological actions break down (biodegrade) this compound into simpler, natural basic compounds. These are recycled within the environment. They do not build-up as residues in fish or the fish food chain.


Q. What is the difference between F-40 Enviro-Blue and other brands?

A. F-40’s royal blue tint gives the water a more natural and pleasing appearance.


Q. How much F-40 do I need to use?

A. One gallon per acre of water 4- 6 ft in depth.  You can vary shading by adding more or less F-40 to meet your aesthetic taste.


Q. Will F-40 darken the water so much that fish will have trouble finding their food? 

A. No fish typically eat by the smell of the food, the vibration of the machine and they know the timing of the machine, so the water color will not affect the fish’s eating patterns.


Q.  How often to I need to use F-40?

A.  Usually 2-3 times per year, beginning in March or April, then in July and September.  Your needs will vary depending on rainfall, evaporation, outflow etc.  The object is to maintain the water at a medium to medium dark color of blue that is pleasing to the eye.


Q. Can I over-treat my pond with F-40?

A. No! If you use one gallon per acre and/or as described above, you can’t over-treat.  Since F-40 is Non-Toxic, your worst case scenario is making the water darker then you might prefer, which will dissipate over time.


Q. Is F-40 safe for fish and livestock?

A. Yes! The coloring in F-40 is formulated from blue food dye, only more concentrated.  It will not stain or harm waterfowl, fish, or livestock.


Q. Can I apply F-40 myself or do I have to hire someone?

A. You can apply F-40 yourself.  Many people do.  Just follow the easy directions on the bottle.