What Professionals Are Saying


With over 30 years of experience offering state of the art aquatic management products to professional applicators, Diversified Waterscapes, Inc. has acquired extensive praise. Following is just a sampling of letters that our customers have written.


“Sunnymead Ranch PCA in Moreno Valley CA has a thirty three acre lake which holds storm drain water runoff and doubles as a recreational lake fore boating and fishing for our community. Our lake had been in need of an aeration system for quite some time. Diversified was recommended to us as a company who would be able to install a circulation and aeration system and utilizing a vault from a very old system. We also had a fountain that had not been working for several years. We then brought Diversified Waterscapes in as our lake and fountain maintenance company. Even though they have only been with us since the beginning of this year, we have been very pleased with their professional care of our lake and fountains. We find that they have a very high work ethic.”

— Betty Roth (Sunnymead Ranch HOA)

At “All About Ponds” one of our goals is customer service; offering our best knowledge and experience in the design, build and care of ponds, lakes and water features. Knowing what we Know is one thing, Knowing WHO we Know puts us over the top. When it comes to the overall care of water quality issues, I’m very happy to say that Diversified Waterscapes helps to be at our best for our customers.

Regardless of what water quality issues we are experiencing, Pat and staff have always been available with their expertise to help us solve it. Their willingness to advise us in the proper application of Diversified Waterscapes products, has resulted in seeing that our customers get great satisfaction in keeping their water features simply beautiful.

Do yourself AND your customers a favor. Tap into Diversified Waterscapes and let Pat and his staff be the resource you need to be at the top of your game in solving water quality issues.

— Ned Bowen (Owner, All About Ponds)

“Just a note to say thank you for the great product. I irrigate 25 acres of avocados with reservoir water through Dan 2001 microsprinklers. I filter the water with a battery of Netafim 120-mesh disc filters. I left my reservoir untreated for too long, grew a bunch of filamentous algae, and plugged the filters repeatedly–plugging so bad that we had to continuously backflush the filters. We could not perform a single irrigation set–very scary. Your F-30 copper product, applied at label rates, cleaned up the water in two days time, and we are back to trouble-free irrigation. So, thank you for bringing such an effective product to market. In the future, we will get on a maintenance program with F-30 to avoid ever letting this happen again.”

— Smith Held (Held Ranch)

“DWI’s staff has done an outstanding job here at Desert Springs. They come into my office twice a week to see if I have any special needs and when there is a lake problem/situation developing, Ruben and his staff address it immediately before it becomes uncontrollable. I think Pat and Maria have one of the best and nicest staff team of any company I deal with.”

— Albert Perez (Marriott Desert Springs)

“It’s so hard to find good help for lake and pond maintenance these days, and that’s why we’re lucky we came across DWI. We’ve just started with Diversified and we couldn’t be happier!”

— Dayton Dickey (Griffin Ranch)

“I am extremely happy with Diversified Waterscapes’ quality of work. They’re prompt, attentive, pleasant to work with, and their employees always do a great job and follow through until a solution is found or a problem is fixed. We’ve been working with them since 2007 and I foresee a long and fruitful relationship ahead of us.”

— William Carrick (Andalusia Country Club)

“We have tested F-30 and Cutrine Plus in the field two times. The first test was a section we were having a problem with algae. The test plot was treated 1/2 with F-30 and 1/2 with Cutrine Plus. The F-30 treatment was visually the better treatment. In the second test plot both chemicals worked about the same. We did give our yearly bid for F-30 to see if over a longer period of time if it is the better product. The results showed us F-30 is the better product.”

— Nick Schooley (Coral Springs Improvement District)

“The splendid service you and your corporation have provided since you came to this property a few months ago are to be commended. We have found Diversified Waterscapes service to be superb and the care with which your crews handle the different aspects of Oak Creek Golf Course is truly appreciated. We further commend you for the timeliness in which you obtained clarity in the lakes. That, indeed sir, is a rarity today.

We were particularly impressed with the personal supervision you have given to the various problem areas.

In closing, we not only wish to express our pleasure in dealing with you and your fine, professional staff, but we would most happily recommend your corporation to any furture clients wishing references before finalizing any projects. Our sincerest thanks and best wishes to you and your entire organization in your future endeavors.”

— Steve Thomas (Oak Creek Golf Course)

“… while searching for a chemical to control the algae and fungi in our fish pond and waterfall,…I became acquainted with your F-30 Algae Control. It worked great – and with no harm to the fish. We increased the filtering time a bit and without even changing the water or scrubbing the pond walls, within 2 weeks we achieved beautifully clear water. The results would not have been as good without your F-30 product, and the technical assistance of Diversified Waterscapes. Keep up the good work.”

— Dick Kolesar (Homeowner)

“About a month ago I ran out of F-30 and our Pro Source dealer did not have any in stock. After using K-tea to treat the same type of Fila Algae the results were night and day. The K-tea took days to achieve the same results that I was getting with F-30. Your product (F-30) showed results immediately after treatment. I am looking forward to keep using your products in the future. Thank you.”

— Tom Soles (Harbour Ridge)

“For several years now we have had a constant algae problem on our golf course lakes. For treatment, we were using copper sulfate granules for control with less than satisfactory results.

A few months ago, we began using Formula F-30 Algae Control and have achieved excellent results. After trying many other algaecides and products, we have found that F-30 Algae Control far exceeds the others, and we plan on its continued use.

I highly recommend the use of F-30 Algae Control and other F series aquatic treatment products for lake and pond management needs.”

— Tom Sadey (Monarch Beach Golf Links)

“The San Diego Princess Resort boasts 44 acres of lush, tropical grounds, including many lagoons, which are the main focal point of our property.

Until we were introduced by Diversified Waterscapes to the “F” Series water treatment products especially the F-20 Enviro-Clear our water was unacceptable. High turbidity, caused by water fowl and a muddy bottom, created more of a black lagoon effect than the fresh, clean tropical environment that we desired.

Now that we are using the F-20 Enviro-Clear and other related water treatment products, our lagoon environment has been restored to the high standards maintained throughout the rest of our resort.

I highly recommend these products and plan to continue using them.”

— Thomas C. Vincent (San Diego Paradise Point Resort)

“We finally have clean, clear, radiant water. For years we battled and lost our fight against blue green algae. Our water gave the appearance of pea soup. We tried filters, aeration and countless chemical treatments. Then we tried the “F-Series Aquatic Treatment Program,” by Diversified Waterscapes, Inc. Now we have shimmering clear water and our staff and patients now enjoy the full spectrum of koi and other fish we could never see before.”

— Art Spears (Jerry L. Pettis Memorial VA Medical Center)

“I have a great working relationship with DWI. Their professionalism, industry knowledge and years of experience they bring to the property give me confidence to depend upon them for all our lake needs. They have a Reveal Program we participated in this year that tailors specific programs to each lake we have. The evaluation they performed detailed my lakes’ problems and gave precise recommendations that could be performed by either DWI or in house. Ultimately, this equated cost savings in products and labor. More often than not we can make our own applications, but if in a crunch they are there to help make them for us. When it comes to our lakes it really is a team approach with DWI, they are always willing to offer their services whenever we may need them.”

— Scot Dey (Golf Course Superintendent, Mission Viejo Country Club)

“The F-30 performed beyond my expectations. Not only did it do a great job on our algae, I believe it helped improve the performance on the Horned Pondweed as well. “I believed the Cascade + F-30 application extended our pond weed control about 2 weeks longer then what we historically have seen with Cascade alone. We are seriously considering making two Cascade + F-30 treatments next season. We are hoping to reduce our Magnacide H use fairly substantially.”

— Kirk Holcomb (Operations Manager, North Unit Irrigation District)